Rosters Announced for Lacin’ ’em Up for the MDA 2017

Posted on Posted on by Pat McGhen

The team got together last night to hold our draft for our 10th Annual Lacin’ ’em up for the MDA. Who do you like going into this year’s matchup? Head on over to our Facebook page and let us know!

Team Blue

Captained by: Nick Toncheff

  • Nick Toncheff
  • Pat Rust
  • Joey Leuch
  • Ted Ulmer
  • Chris Weigold
  • Chris Bannon
  • Michael Henninger
  • Alex Rieder
  • Eric Miller
  • Ryan Warner
  • Corey Cramer
  • Thomas Guentner
  • Chris Bohaski
  • Brady Dayton
  • Carl Gipko

Team White

Captained by: Shaun McGhen

  • Shaun McGhen
  • Lindsey Mikash
  • Mike Peduzzi
  • Brian Dubovecky
  • John Good
  • Scott Auth
  • Dan Kleck
  • Pat McGhen
  • Zane Miller
  • Michael McGhen
  • Dan Stocker
  • Justin Ross
  • Mark Krebs
  • Matt Erkel
  • Jesse Hess