VIP Day at MDA Pittsburgh Summer Camp

Posted on Posted on by Pat McGhen

2015 marked the third year that the Pharaohs were able to participate in VIP Day at MDA Pittsburgh Summer Camp, but this was the first year I’ve had the opportunity to make the trip. We’ve had a lot of great experiences in our 8 years of working with MDA Pittsburgh. This one tops the list.

The staff at the camp was top notch, pairing every kid with their own counselor. There were plenty of structured activities, but all of the outside presenters were friendly and engaged outside of their “jobs”. One local newscaster was instrumental in making sure a water battle got way out of hand.

Unfortunately, the rain cut our day short. The kids retreated to their bunks and Chico and I made the trek back to Pittsburgh. We didn’t have a lot of time to hang out, but it was awesome seeing the kids be kids without having to worry about being different or held back, and it left me feeling very fortunate that my dumb beer league hockey team has been able to contribute to a great organization like MDA Pittsburgh.