Who We Are

We  started the Pharaohs with one goal in mind. To have fun playing hockey. While that’s still high on our list of priorities, we thought maybe it could be more than that. What started off as a one time charity game against a group of Pittsburgh celebrities has evolved into an annual event that has raised thousands of dollars for MDA Pittsburgh. We’d like to introduce you to some of the people working behind the scenes.

Board of Directors

  • Shaun McGhen President, Co-founder

    Shaun has really taken the idea of the charity game and run with it. His tireless efforts in gathering support-both from sponsors and the community-has ensured that this organization continues to grow.

  • Pat McGhen VP, Co-founder

    Back in 2007, Pat had a crazy idea to play a game against the Pittsburgh Celebrity Hockey Team to raise money for MDA Pittsburgh. The on-ice product was lousy, but the community was interested and the idea stuck. These days, Pat maintains the website and plays a supporting role in administrative and organizational tasks.

  • Chris Bannon CFO

    An early supporter of the Pharaohs Hockey club, Chris has become a respected member of the organization. Always willing to go above and beyond for his teammates on the ice and off, he has stepped up to take care of some of the less glamorous aspects of keeping the team together.